Alexis Peterson

Alexis Peterson, born in Port-au-Prince on September 22, 1988.

“I work on vodou, these the culture of my country, my work based on the mister like danmbala, criminal, exct, I feel very proud to be an artist in art brut and I started to work since February 2011 this It’s not easy to start, but looking at artists like Guyodo and other things that work gives me the impulse to become like them. My first work of art was inspired by Danmbala. It was a great start for me. To paint with passion and love is why all my works of art come from the Haitian voodoo history.

in 2016 I had the chance to participate in a new vision exhibition organized by Lesly pierre Paul it was a great moment in my life as an artist.

Art is my passion, my life and I feel very comfortable being an artist in art brut.”- Alexis Peterson