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Dark Moon Delight: New Moon Ritual

December 14 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Join us for an enchanting evening under the dark moon, as we indulge in healing sessions and embrace the magic of meditation!

Join Cole, owner of Spiritual Somatic, for a magical night of growth, healing, and community as we celebrate the New Moon in Sagittarius. The new moon brings a powerful energy of letting go and starting anew, and this one in particular is going to focus on harnessing newfound optimism and getting clear and confident about what we wish to cultivate in the new year.

We will begin the night with warm welcomes, drinking intentionally crafted tea, oracle card messages, and the astrological meaning of this new moon time.

We will align our energy with that of the moon and practice releasing and embodiment techniques that include physical, emotional, and energetic movement.

After creating sacred space, we will begin to dive deep into our internal world with writing prompts, then you will be led through a deep quantum meditation that will help you gain incredible inner wisdom.

We will then use the rest of the time to focus our intention on a beautiful ritual activity that Cole intuitively crafts.

Everyone is welcome and no experience with moon rituals or anything woo is required!

Please dress comfy, bring a journal/notebook, a yoga mat, and whatever else might suit your needs during the meditation portion, such as an eye mask or blanket.

Bio: Cole (she/her/they/them) is a trauma-conscious facilitator in self-expression and self-exploration, helping others feel safe, deserving, and powerful during their transformative journey. She believes in honoring each individual’s story and empowering them to reclaim their authentic selves.

Website: https://www.spiritualsomatic.com/

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