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The Art of Manual Coffee Brewing

May 19 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Learn the art of brewing specialty coffee like a pro and indulge in a delightful tasting session – join us on April 21st, 10 AM!

🌟 Join us for a Stellar Coffee Brewing Experience! 🌟

📅 Date: May 19
🕙 Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

🚀 Venue: Galactic Panther Art Gallery
📍 1303 King St., Alexandria, VA 22314

Since its inception around 2005, the Aeropress has become a mainstay of the coffee brewers’ arsenal. It is unbreakable and compact to travel with and offers amazing versatility. Inventor Alan Adler created it as a way to produce a one cup of coffee that had low acidity. In this workshop we’re going to explore the original recipe and what has happened since with many other recipes and brewing methods. We will be brewing filter style and espresso style coffee making a latte, traditional and inverted methods as well as trying the new Aeropress XL.

🌌 What to Expect:

  • Hands-on brewing demonstrations
  • Insider tips from expert baristas
  • Tasting sessions featuring exquisite coffee blends
  • Interactive Q&A session

🎨 Immerse Yourself in Art and Aroma:
Surrounded by the captivating ambiance of the Galactic Panther Art Gallery, let the fusion of art and aroma elevate your coffee experience. Explore the gallery’s inspiring exhibits and enjoy the perfect blend of creativity and caffeine.


  • Learn various brewing techniques
  • Understand the nuances of different coffee beans
  • Enhance your palate with guided tastings
  • Network with fellow coffee enthusiasts

🌟 Join us for a celestial celebration of coffee, art, and community!

Note: Event details are subject to change. Please check our social media for updates.

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