About Us

In December 2020, Eli Pollard (mostly) completed renovations on a space on the edge of Morgantown, WV in a 100 year old building and began filling it with artwork by artists from all over the world. Live music was soon to follow including a performance by the legendary David Fair of Half Japanese.

Longtime friend and art connoisseur Erik Muendel who had been collecting Eli’s artwork for years had recently purchased ESP Tea & Coffee in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Erik filled the teahouse with artwork by Pollard and others. His collection caught the attention of a friend who suggested that he open an art gallery. Erik, having visited Eli’s Galactic Panther in Morgantown, saw an opportunity to collaborate.

Erik & Eli put their heads together & formed a dynamic and creative team to help expand Galactic Panther into a new space on King Street in Old Town Alexandria with an opening reception on August 6, 2021. The Galactic Panther team boasts collaborators including Rachel Pollard, Brittani Maggio, Leo Maggio, Grant Gallas, Cordelia McGale, & Angel Pak.