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New Hue

New Artists, New Palettes, New Media, New Season, New Year, NEW WORLD, NEW HUE! Opening Reception & Holiday Party! Galactic Panther NFT Release! Live Music, Local Catering 6 PM - "Everything you need to know about NFTs" by Chris Crismond Artists working in a wide range of media include: Yuki Miyagawa, Ellen Weider, Ners Neonlumberjack,…

Exhibit Closing Reception

Artists Who Rock Artwork by multi-dimensional artists including: Mark Mothersbaugh, Zen Xaria, Kate Parnell, Charlie Wallace, Eddie Harris, Lael Neale, Adam Mele, Sam Gas Can, Graig Philip, Arrington de Dionyso, Pastel, Derrick Buisch, John Adam Fahey Live music by Galactic Panther Artist Francisco Amaya Local catering