Alison Helm

“I usually begin by producing a series of drawings, then, small maquettes to harvest shape formations of the natural WV landscape that will be developed into larger works. Using contemporary pop-culture colors and abstracted landscape imagery combined with advanced digital technologies, I assemble hybrid arrangements of traditional landscapes and images that contain abstract and realistic cultural perspectives.

My artistic research involves the exploration and manipulation of positive space vs negative space. These two forces are equally supported by each other. The space between solid tangible forms of sculpture that have been digitally cut, manipulated, diced , and altered from the original mass produced raw materials are translated into a world of data and digital information clashing with personal narratives. As the viewer enters this world where space is transformed by reinterpreting nature and experience using technology, new perspectives of these colliding worlds evolve.

The gathering, examining, invention and collection of shapes transforms physical elements into a symbolic language of space, and a personal vision inspired by nature. My work seeks a balance between the tensions of the natural world and the digital experience. My creative process involves the distillation, filtering, and transformation of both visual data, natural and cultural data, that reconciles these forces. Combining different symbols into one unified format, creates new, meaningful images. Often these symbols reflect the connections or contrasts between art and science, illusion and reality, organic and geometric, strengths vs fragility, and complexity versus simplicity, slow and tactile vs fast paced and instant. My works document and record the moments where new technology, interface with a multifaceted composition of polychromed abstract shapes formed with stainless steel, wood, resin and diverse materials to explore the unknown as well as to deconstruct the known. I seek to alter the viewers current understanding of space as seen and filtered through the lens of new technology and new materials which creates a new language. This work is experimental and there is a vast potential for further exploration and revitalization of the physical material world of sculpture.”