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The Art of Sipping Tea with See Ellauri and Erik Muendel

February 20 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us for an enchanting evening on February 6th, as we delve into the captivating world of tea sipping with See and Erik!

We gather to deep dive into the universe of tea. Do you seek to understand the differences between the cultivars? How does the mountain slope change the flavor of an oolong? The tea plant, camelia sinensis has 220 varieties, and with each one their is another style of cultivation, and with each of these there is another style of processing, and of course each us have our own style of brewing. To begin to understand tea you must learn the differences between these big categories.

We will proceed 3 – 6 teas at a time. Each week we shall learn the fundamentals of one broad category of tea. Such as, Green Tea. We will also be challenging each other is the art and game of the tea sommelier. This means expanding out palettes and our ability to articulate what we taste. We will also include aspects of non-religious ceremony, and perhaps some simple meditation. Socializing and fun will also abound.

Sponsors welcomed & Scholarships available.

WHEN: February 20

WHERE: Galactic Panther Art Gallery

What : Bring a notebook

How Much : $22

Who: All ages are welcome but it’s not a ‘kid event’

This class is being led by See and Erik

(See) Cristian Ellauri is a Latino Master of Theatre and founder of Key Tea House, co-founder of Alchemyze Elixirs and plays a role in the spectacular tea menu at ESP Tea and Coffee. He and his wife Erin Beata facilitate Gong-Fu tea service and other non-alcoholic beverage experiences in a wide range of settings.See is a poet and channels at Blessitup.com



We are delighted to extend an exclusive invitation to you for a unique and immersive workshop, “The Art of Sipping Tea,” featuring renowned artists See Ellauri and Erik Muendel. Join us for an evening of creativity, conversation, and, of course, the soothing ritual of tea.

Date: February 20
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Galactic Panther Art Gallery

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in a dynamic discussion with See and Erik about the intersection of art and tea culture.
  • Experience the art of tea tasting led by a seasoned tea expert.
  • Participate in a hands-on artistic session guided by See and Erik, where you’ll explore your own creativity inspired by the world of tea.

This event promises to be an enriching blend of art, culture, and relaxation, providing a unique space for connection and inspiration. Light refreshments will be served throughout the evening.

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